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Technology center

Benxi Steel Plate Co., Ltd. Technology center which owns state-level laboratory is a national level center . The main functions of it are research,development,marketing of the new process and technology for our company, physical and chemical inspection and dispution arbitration as well as the work about collecting and organizing the technology information and pilot of smelting.

There are two branches in the center: institution of process & technology research,pilot experimental base. The institution of process & technology research is mainly responsible for the steel and iron producing process and technology research,physical and chemical inspection and research,national laboratory management,scientific and technological information management,work about association for science and technology. The pilot experimental base is primarily in charge of the small-scale and pilot experiment of the newly developed normal steel and special steel.

The center has been equipped with more than 40 International advanced level large-scale instruments such as American Gleeblee—2000 thermal-mechanical simulator ,ICP spectrometer,XTRA-115X Ray diffractometer supplied by thermal power company in the USA,5600LV SEM from Japan,INCA energy spectrometer and EBSD electron backscatter diffractometer form Oxford company in Britain,JY-10000 type Glow spectrometer from France,German Tsai's metallographic microscope AXiOPLan2 and has one 200KG vacuum inductive furnace,pilot experimental plant for one-ton intermediate frequency inductive furnace by now. It also has the extensive and deep cooperation with Northeastern University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Metal Institute and other colleges, universities and research institutes so that it has the strong ability of development and pilot experiment.

Institute of product research

Benxi Steel Plate Co., Ltd. Institute of product research, which is directly affiliated to Benxi Steel Group, was founded on 13th, May, 2014. There are 78 staff and 71 technicians, six of them are doctors and 30 of others are masters. It is the technical core department of which the function is to research and develop the steel and non steel products as well as to manage, supervise and improve the technology during the process of production and application.

It constitutes of ten institutes about advanced high strength research,cold rolling ( galvanized ),hot-rolled high strength,special steel,silicon steel,technology of automobile surface plate,user service technology,stainless steel,bar and wire products,multiple products and one management department.

The institute of product research has been communicating and cooperating with Northeastern University,metal institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences,University of Science and Technology Beijing,China Steel research group,China Automotive Research Institute and many other institutes,colleges and universities as well as the same industries and research departments for many years.  

While accomplishing the research and development of products, the institute is trying hard to develop the building of technology service team. It possesses the molding, simulation,grid analysis and welding test equipment of which the total investment is 42,000.000 RMB in order to research the application technology including the property of molding,welding,paint coating so that we can guide the application for customers and realize the EVI early intervention and supply the other technology.


Institute of advanced high strength products
The institute of advanced high strength products has been founded in Dec. 2015. it is mainly responsible for researching,developing and producing the high strength steel that is 780mpa and above and developing the high value-added automobile steel base on NO.3 cold rolling mill equipments as well. It is a team mainly research and develop new products and reserve technology while doing some scientific researches of production and market.
The institute has succeeded in developing DP780,DP980,TR780,PHS1500,PHS1800,PHS2000 high strength steel and gradually has the ability of supplying in batch.  

Cold rolling (coating) research institute

Cold rolling (coating) research institute which is mainly engaged in the research and development of cold rolled,galvanized and hot-rolled pickled products that are 800MPa and below as well as technology reserve has been established in Dec. 2015.

There are three branch-institutes of cold rolling (coating) research institute. cold rolling institute is in charge of the research and development of cold rolled products that are 800MPa and below as well as technology reserve; coating institute is in charge of the research and development of galvanized products that are 800MPa and below as well as technology reserve; hot-rolled pickled institute is in charge of the research and development of cold rolled products that are 800MPa and below as well as technology reserve.

Hot-rolled high strength research institute

Hot-rolled high strength research institute which is mainly responsible for the research and development of pipeline steel,hot-rolled automobile structure steel,hot-rolled structure steel,weathering resistant steel, chain steel, pressure vessel steel and products for cold forming and cold rolling (SPHC) as well as technology reserve has been established in Dec. 2015.

Hot-rolled high strength research institute consists of pipeline steel export research institute and automobile high strength structure steel research institute.

Special Steel research institute
It has been founded in Dec. 2007. There are two sub-institutes: machinery steel and automobile steel institutes, which are responsible of the research for high-quality bearing steel, high-quality crankshaft and automobile parts steel,oil steel,high-quality gear steel,advanced tool & mould steel and some other special products.
Silicon Steel research institute
The silicon steel research institute was founded in May, 2015 and the non oriented silicon steel line started to produce in August in the same year.The silicon steel research office was upgraded to institute in Jan. 2014. It is mainly responsible of the research and development for the steel used for medium, small, micro motors, closed motors, intermittent motors, general AC motors, welding transformer, ballast, relay, electromagnetic switch as well as technology reserve.
The automobile surface plate technology research institution 
The automobile surface plate technology research institution, which was founded in DEC. 2015, is mainly responsible of the research for control technology of automobile plate surface quality,the process that affect the surface quality,the optimization of process in different procedure and the adjustment of control parameter. It concentrates on the research and development of cold-rolled automobile surface plate,galvanized and galvanneled automobile surface plate,electro-galvanized products as well as technology reserve.
Customer service technology research institute

Customer service technology research institute, which has been founded in Jan. 2016, is responsible for the research of automobile application technology,EVI early intervention and supplying the test data of our relative products during the automobile plate certification. 

There are molding technology laboratory,welding process technology laboratory and paint coating technology laboratory under the institute. The institute, which is the automobile plate Engineering Laboratory for Liaoning province at the same time also equipped with 47 equipments such as high speed tensile test machine,BUP sheet metal test machine,fatigue tester and welding tester,surface treatment test device etc.
Stainless steel research institute
It was founded in Aug. 2010 and is mainly responsible for research and developing the new kind of products and optimizing the process of products with thin specification. 

The group of products with thickness of 0.3mm and below and the group of 400 serial ultra pure steel for automobile exhaust system are under the institute.
Bar and wire research institute
Bar and wire research institute was founded in July, 2012. It is mainly responsible for the development of the new variety product, process and technology of bar,wire and hot strip,quality management(including quality control,analysis&treatment of quality discrepancy,quality supervision etc.),technology service,ERP maintenance for Beiying company,reduce costs and increase benefits.
There are three offices under the institute: research office, comprehensive management office,technology service office.